Creating Art to Save the 


A 10-day online programme for 11 artists to explore how art can be employed to combat the social menace of sex-selective abortion.

SEP 14-23, 2021

Every day in India, 7000 unborn foetuses are brutally aborted in the womb, just because they are girls! This unimaginable and unnatural atrocity against the unborn Girl Child continues in life and is based on the false belief that girls are a liability. It is important to counter this narrative and celebrate the inherent worth of girls.  

As a build-up to the International Day of the Girl (11 October, 2021), ADF India’s Vanishing Girls campaign brings together 11 socially conscious and gifted artists from across India, with the purpose of  ‘Creating Art To Save The Girl Child’. This programme will explore how art can be employed to combat the social menace of sex-selective abortion. These artists feel inspired to create thought-provoking art that powerfully reinforces every girl’s right to LIFE (Love, Inheritance, Freedom and Equality). 

The theme of this year’s programme is #SHEimagine. The insight behind this theme is that the genesis of any creativity is IMAGINATION. These artists have stepped up to help us imagine a world where SHE — each and every Girl Child — is welcomed with joy and celebration, and she enjoys the sanctity of her life and all opportunities that come along with it equally!

Meet the


As you’re reading this, these incredible artists are busy creating inspiring art for the Girl Child. We hope you are as excited as us to see their art, along with many, many yet-to-be-born girls, come to LIFE! 

The art curated from this programme will be on display on 11 October as a special tribute to the Girl Child. More information to follow soon.
Thokchom is a visual artist. He tells stories about his roots through his art, which is a mix of fashion illustration and fine arts. He grew up surrounded by nature in all its glory. He believes that art, in its own way, has a power to communicate positivity, bring change and bring healing.
Arpitha is a Special Educator who's passionate about creating an inclusive world for the differently abled. She dabbles in art part-time and hopes to use it as a medium to promote inclusivity. 
Akshay is a self-taught artist primarily working in acrylics and oils. He is currently working on figurative paintings in an impressionist style.
Riya is on a journey to remold her passion for art into a professional endeavour, aided by a degree in fine arts. She loves to explore various themes and mediums to create intricate pieces inspired by all things humane.
Kulsoom is an interdisciplinary artist, currently pursuing a Masters’ degree in Visual Arts. Her practice encompasses the themes of personal identity, gender roles, global migration and the idea of home.
Having been born into a family of artists, making art was an integral part of Harmeet’s upbringing. After completing his master’s degree in Sculpture, he is currently working as a freelance artist.
Sabita is an expressionist artist. Her artwork naturally expresses a deep resonance for the environmental and feminist-humanist concerns that are at crossroads in our society today. Her work has been represented in many local, national and of late, several international group exhibitions with well-known curators.
Anshuka is a multidisciplinary art practitioner working across mediums like painting, printmaking, and video installation. Her recent practice is rooted in addressing transregional identity affected by the exploding and shifting environment and conveying her unfixed, evolving selfhood.
Manisha is a visual artist interested in bridging people together through eco-friendly practices, arts education and community-based projects.
Khandakar carries a Masters degree in Fine Arts and has participated in many state and national level art exhibitions. She practices in multiple mediums such as painting, drawing, videography, installation etc.
Bernard is a self-taught artist. He is influenced by the impressionist approach to painting and celebrates the play between light and shadow in any painting.
Vanishing Girls is a campaign initiated by ADF India to raise awareness against the practise of sex-selective abortions and to advocate for effective implementation of the Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.
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