If my baby girl had received proper care, she would’ve been alive today...

Vanishing Girls

Lalita (name changed) lives with her husband and two girls in Madanpur Khadar, a small village in South Delhi, India. The abuse started for her since she delivered a baby girl, for the second time.

When she gave birth the third time, it was again a girl. Her family made it clear to her this time that they would not care for this child at all.

‘’At 3 months of age, my baby girl passed away. If she would have received proper nursing and care, she would be alive today.’’

Lalita manages to live in her husband’s house but it is not a happy life. She wants to educate both her girls and help them achieve their dreams, but she does not have a voice in the family and faces domestic abuse if she tries to speak up. Her husband despises even the idea of sending the girls to school since he and his family believe that for girls, household chores are more important than education.

Vanishing Girls is a campaign initiated by ADF India to raise awareness against the practise of sex-selective abortions and to advocate for effective implementation of the Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.
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