She's Capable, 2021

Arpitha Sara Benny

Acrylic on paper

The artwork shows a female foetus with missing limbs. A foetus who has the potential to grow up and become a Paralympian! The words behind her are assumptions of a society that doubts her capabilities. The painting depicts just one of the prospects of a child with a disability. While every foetus with a mental or physical abnormality may not reach Olympic fame, her life is still precious. Her value is not in what she can do but in the sanctity of life itself. When a Girl Child with a disability is valued for who she is and given the freedom to explore her capabilities, there's a brighter hope for her future.

About the artist:

Arpitha is a Special Educator who's passionate about creating an inclusive world for the differently abled. She dabbles in art part-time and hopes to use it as a medium to promote inclusivity.

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Vanishing Girls is a campaign initiated by ADF India to raise awareness against the practise of sex-selective abortions and to advocate for effective implementation of the Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.
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